Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Meet Peggy - My Blind Draw Diva!!

So don't tell my husband but I entered yet another fabulous swap that I am so excited about! This one is about doing Blind Draw faces and then creating a persona and ATC with that as the base of inspiration. What is a Blind Draw? It's where you close your eyes and without looking, try to draw am image. In this case a face. So the first picture is one of the blind draws I did.
within a few moments I knew what I was going to do with her after seeing her for the first time. I then came up with a background personality for her as well.
Meet Peggy.
She is a sassy ol' broad that loves her Stoli martini's, still flirts with the gentlemen, has a wicked sense of humour, and still smokes in public even where no smoking is allowed. In all honesty she is a combination of my mother and me - but don't tell my mom I said that. ;) I can't wait to get started on my next ATC. His name is Stan and he is a salesman with a comb-over that would make Donald Trump jealous!!


  1. Trina Dear....

    I love all of your blind drawing cards...they turned out fabulous!! Keep them coming!!!

  2. Thanks Beth! They are quite addictive. I have about a dozen faces waiting to be developed into characters. I am loving what you are doing with them too!