Sunday, January 9, 2011

Junque Journals!! Who Knew!?!

So, I was recently turned on to Junque Journaling. If your new to the idea, my understanding of a junque journal is that it's just a fancy name for a book of "junk" that you just can't part with, or might have a slight sentimental attachment to, or just aren't sure what else to do with it! My kids, God love 'em, are ALWAYS making me little treasures to have and to hold for EVER! Now I finally have a place to put all those little treasures and trinkets they offer.

A junque journal is great for concert tickets, Chinese cookie fortunes, receipts, canceled stamps from around the world, collage bits you just can't part with or bring yourself to use on anything, wine labels of your new favorite wine, beer labels from your favorite beer, miscellaneous doodles or sketches, favorite quotes of the day, a silly joke your kids made up, ANYTHING GOES!!! And the beauty of it is... it doesn't have to be beautiful! You can make it as junky, or arty, or crafty, or plain and simple as you wish! It's your book of treasures (aka - junk), do with it as you wish!

Some pointers I learned: Use one of those basic B&W composition books you can get at Wally-World for under a dollar. Add narrow ribbons along the spine, randomly throughout the book for extra support on the spine and for Glam! crinkle up various pages and ink them up with 2-3 colors of ink for pizazz! And best of all, glue all sorts of scrap pages you have piled up from your scrap booking days, and slap on some stickers, or a LOT of stickers and use those up as well!
Not only did I have a fun afternoon creating these with my kiddo's, but I put a SERIOUS dent in my scrap paper and sticker stash! YAY!!! Now, all I need is to start doing fun things so I have treasures to add to the junque journal! ha ha

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  1. Totally awesome idea! I have been stuffing my keepables into a scrapbook I never scrapped, and the pile is getting bigger and the scrapbook doesn't close anymore. Now I know what to do with it all! Thank you for sharing this. Your junk journals look delicious!