Monday, July 26, 2010

Back To Doing It With My Eyes Closed!

Yep - you guessed it, I am back to doing Blind Draws again. I can't help it they are just too fun!
Carson Loves His Armani, even if he is unemployed and has to ride the City Bus. He is determined to LOOK GOOD!

Jock Zombie - Still looking good in his Football uniform even for the undead!


  1. hi Trina
    I loved your blog!
    very goodworks, different and joyous

  2. Love, love, love the blind draws! I too am a Mom and have put my art on hold- as we live in South Florida and spent all day/night outside! Love it! Hopefully once the kiddos are happily in school I can return to playing for myself! Totally enjoyed your work! Thanks!!!

    -Casey (WPB, FL)

  3. Thank you for leaving such nice reinforcing comments Denise and Casey! Makes me want to post more stuff! I know all about putting art on hold, I'm just getting to where I can do it during the day, and most times I just have the kiddo's do art too.