Monday, March 1, 2010

Goofy Birds

I am starting to have a lot of fun with sharpie markers. They are way more versatile than I ever thought before. And now there are a good variety of colors to choose from. Even white now, so I hear! I am trying to resist joining a new Sharpie ATC swap I found over at atcsforall. The reason is because I promised my husband no more ATC swaps for a while. But sometimes they are so stinkin' fun!!!

The little green guy is my cactus bird. He's friendly enough but a but prickly. He's kind of sad because no one wants to come to his birthday party. Thus the party hat he is wearing.

Then you got Widget, strutting along here with his top hat on thinking he is the cats meow. So what if he is covered in freckles and is a little wobbly in the knees. He still knows how to have a good time!

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