Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Sunday Best!!!

I love March in Alaska!!! The daylight is returning, the temperatures are tolerable, and we still get righteous snow to play in!!!! I think today was the best Sunday I have ever had!!!

Was up early this morning, Got an ATC done for Project 365, went to church, and got to take myself on an awesome cross country ski date up at Hatcher Pass today! Just me, skis, camera, and MP3 player! It doesn't get any better than that in my book!! Okay, I take that back - if I was downhill skiing - that would have been a wee bit better, but only marginal! lol

It was a mere 10 degrees today, but the sun was shining so bright and the skies were virtually cloud free, that I think I actually got a little sunburned on my cheeks!! These are just a few of the photos I took today. No I'm NOT a professional photographer - obviously... but you get the idea of how RIGHTEOUS my day was!
I skirted up to the entrance of Arch Angel Road and parked the car along the main road. Gathered my belongings, slapped on the skis, and hit the trail up Arch Angel Road.

The above picture is about a mile and a half in, looking back.

Looking ahead to the destination.

Went all the way in to the bridge. It's around 2.5 miles in, so 5 miles round trip. I took some photos of the Little Su River. Not as impressive when it is buried in snow. But still a beautiful Alaskan Day in the Mountains!

The photo below is my pathetic attempt to prove I was actually there today! I probably shouldn't have been facing the sun. But yes, that is me in my full dorkiness glory!!

Another shot of the river from the "tourist photo" spot! The locals will know what I mean. ha
As if this day could get any better..... I am back home, working on my second glass of red wine, (It's good for the sore muscles don't ya know - wink, wink), didn't have to make the family dinner, and getting ready to take a hot bath while reading my current Patricia Cornwell book. Then I'll be relaxing in front of the 51 inch plasma watching the Oscars in about an hour! Now tell me.... is this NOT the perfect way to spend a Sunday or what!?!?!?

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  1. Sounds glorious! Glad you had some time to yourself! Did your hubby tell you I called? Give me a jingle in the morning so we can plan our Tuesday outing. Looking forward to it!