Monday, March 1, 2010

Six word Saturday on Monday???

Okay, I just stumbled on to this concept of Six Word Saturday and I thought it would be kind of fun to play. The idea is to post just 6 words to describe your life, you, day, etc. [I think]. Since it is Monday I can't "officially" do a six word Saturday today. But if I could I would enter, "Need A New Muse By Today" because I had a horrible time trying to create something noteworthy this weekend. Which is a bummer, because it was the All-Types-of-Art-A-Thon at and I really wanted to work on some bigger pieces. I even have canvases sitting right here calling my name!

I think my lack of creativity this week is due in part, to the many hours spent watching the Winter Olympics. I doubt I have ever been so engrossed in the Olympics before, but these games were just outstanding! And the Men's Hockey game for Gold yesterday!! Holy Smokes!!! That was an exciting game right up to the very end! USA did a remarkable job and gave it their all. I am so proud of those boys! And why is it, they got a Silver medal, and yet to see the look on their faces, one would think they were in last place??? They got second place - against the WORLD!!! In a Sudden Death Overtime for crying out loud!!!! Chin up boobies high Boys!! You Rocked that ice!!!!

Okay, so maybe I won't be very good at the only six words thing..... hhuuummmmm We'll see come Saturday if I can keep it to six!!

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  1. Thanks for joining in, even if you were late. I don't take points off for being tardy (especially since it's Friday and I'm JUST now finishing my visits).

    My muse has been MIA as well recently. Wish she'd come back - I'm itching to feel that creative NEED to make something.