Tuesday, March 2, 2010

To Thine Own Self Be True

I was playing around with postcards this weekend and liked the butterfly with the text wings so much, I decided to do a dragonfly postcard. I tried to do something different with the handwriting, but it didn't turn out the way I wanted. I wish I had beautiful handwriting like my sister, but I'm a lefty. ha
I drew the dragonfly, then colored its wings and body with sharpies. Used my Lyra watercolor crayons on the background - added a bit of water of course. Next I used some random bits of scraps for the decorative border on the side and outlined it with a fine point sharpie. And then I inked the edges with black distressed ink and drew a fine line border.
On the lower left wing is a definition for the word covet, I purposely used text with the word love on the opposite top wing. Got to thinking about how we covet love and/or our loved ones sometimes and I wanted to find a quote about coveting. I really liked the quote I found by Leon Kass, as it made me thing of how a dragonfly has a short life span and their purpose in life is to lay eggs and make more dragonflies. Would it really be so wrong for a dragonfly to want to live a little? For that matter, what mother or father doesn't go through a period in their time of raising children, where they wish they could have a life outside of the daily responsibilities of have kids?!? Of course we care about the well being of our children. It's just that sometimes, we would rather be on a beach drinking margarita's and getting sun burned. Without worrying about weather your kids are getting eaten by sharks in the ocean!!
Then, I instantly thought of William Shakespeare famous line ~ To Thine Own Self Be True!!! I think if I were a dragonfly..... that is how I would be! Lucky for my kids.... I'm human!

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  1. this is beautiful! I've always wanted to use text in this way, like you did with the wings! I have to try sometime!