Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Happy Warrior

Not long ago, I was stopping by some local thrift stores in search of books I could use in my collages. I found this one old book, titled, "Best Loved Poems" I got for 50 cents! And I'll be honest, I have never been big into poetry, not my thing for the most part. BUT, there are some awesome poems in this book and I am finding it difficult to tear the pages out and use them in my art.
I love combining found images and finding ways to tie them together. In this case, I used a rubber stamp of the sun, an old cigar label that someone sent me, various pages of text from the peotry book, some vellum, and got the naked dude walking up and down the ramp from one of my old art text books. Add a little gesso, and acrylic paint, some inking around the edges, and little gem on one of the suns eyes. and Wal-la You have today's ATC!!

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