Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Waiting For One Perfect Kiss

Well it took fiddling with about four ATCs before I came up with one tonight that I truly liked. I think with collages, I need to get a few under my belt to get warmed up and in the zone before I start to turn out anything noteworthy. But this one I like the end results.

I actually had something else over this collaged and painted background, but it just wasn't working for me. So, being the artist that I am, I ripped it all off unti I got back down to the basic layer of collage and paint. one thing I liked upon doing this, is the outline of the heart and the light blue area midway down that was revealed under the silloette of the form that was there prior to my ripping things apart. You probably wouldn't notice, but there is a faint outline around the blue area of a womans hat and shoulder to the left.

Then, I was scanning through some magazines [Thank you Amber] and found this eyeball and woman and thought I would attempt, ONE MORE TIME, doing an image transfer using packaging tape. Normally, when I do an image transfer, I apply a gloss gel medium to the image, let it dry, then soak it in water and rub the paper off the back to reveal the image. But everytime I try to do the packaging tape image transfers, even after burnishing the dickens out of it, I never seem to get the image transfered. But alas!!! I have mastered it - at least this time. lol I think the trick is to make sure the surface for which I burnish the image is REALLY hard. In this case, I did it on the cement floor in the garage [my new art cave]. and it worked like a charm!!! I should note, that this was also the first time I did an image transfer directly from a magazine.

So once I got the image, the rest came together in minutes. I added the text, coated the whole piece with gel medium to seal it, then wrapped red string around it for a new dimention. I kinda like it!!! I might play with string more often. Lots of possibilities!!!
So there you have it - today's master piece!


  1. That's a beautiful collage card! I just found your blog and am so glad I did! Have a wonderful day.

  2. Welcome to you both. Glad you found me and I am working on becoming a better blogger!! So hopefully I will be posting more regularly!
    Cheers to you both!