Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Three Little Birds

So I think I was tapping into Bob Marley's spirit tonight. LOL Let me explain....
I was listening to his song "Three Little Birds" when I was playing around with how to layer the parts of this ATC. As I was arranging the composition, I realised that the text in the background is a dictionary page with the definition for the word yolk - the yellow part of the egg! That cracked me up [no pun intended] that here are these three little birds waking up in the morning, and while they are thinking of their precious little birdie eggs, so are we humans - only as breakfast!! LOL
Part of the lyrics go:
Don't worry about a thing,
cause every little thing, gonna be all right."
OMG - That is soooo perfect. And the fact that the background tones are primarily yellow and one of the verses are:
Rise up this mornin',
smiled with the risin' sun,
three little birds, pitch by my door step.
Singing sweet songs...
Well, you get the idea.... It may not be my best card ever, but I sure love how it came about and had fun making it!! Which for me, it's all about playing anyway!!

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